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  Welcome to the Home of Multi-Edit! Product Image of Multi-Edit 2008
From highlighting and computing a column of data intact, to low source code programming, this Text Editor, is the "swiss army knife" of data manipulation

Work faster and smarter, Eliminate repetitive tasks!
Contact our Sales Dept for the Macro You Need!

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NEW UPDATE V 11.04 - Multi-Edit 2008NEW! Update to Multi-Edit v11.04
Review the v11.04 ReadME file
please note this readme file contains
all product changes throughout ME, MeL, MeLS and moME


For our SAS Users
EZRTools by Martinworks offers
The Power Option for those working with the SAS language and ME
Review Me with EZR, versus MeLS
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Multi-Edit on a USB drive: You get ALL the power without 3rd Party software to use it!
Configurations remain on the stick, not the computer your working on!

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NEW UPDATE V 11.04 - Multi-Edit 2008NEW!! Update to mobileMulti-Edit v11.04


Tame your unruly code with Multi-Edit Lite
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missing only a few of Multi-Edit's power additions and add-on packages, this leaner editor still provides maximum advantages for code wrangling.

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NEW UPDATE V 11.04 - Multi-EditNEW! Update to Multi-Edit Lite v11.04


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Review Multi-Edit Lite for SAS®

This compact ME Lite engine was boosted by MartinWorks, Inc. the creators of EZRTools, a dedicated SAS programming environment, is ideal for those doing minor keyboarding.

Review Multi-Edit Lite for SAS®
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NEW UPDATE V 11.04NEW! Update to Multi-Edit Lite for SAS® v11.04


MESI also distributes...
Scooter Software, Icon image

Scooter Software's
Beyond Compare 3,

Beyond Compare a powerful time-saving utility for comparing files and folders on your Windows system.
Fully compatible with Multi-Edit.